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Our Services

At Barnes Jewelers we are known for our wide variety of professional services. We take pride in the high quality of our services, fair pricing, and lightning fast turnaround time.

Professional jewelry services include:


John Sr. is one of the few Certified Gemologist-Appraisers in Wisconsin. With his 40 years of experience, you can be assured that your appraisal will be done accurately and professionally. Your jewelry apprasial will have accurate measurments of each stone, as well as a complete description of each item. A full-color photo is included with the documentation. Items that are apprasied for insurance will be listed at current retail price and should be updated periodically.

A complimentary appraisal is included with any purchase at our store totaling a minimum of $1,000.

Custom Designs

Having a custom piece of jewelry designed to fit your specific tastes is a great way to assure you have a special item that no one else can duplicate. We can help you create something as basic as a shadow style wedding ring or reset your diamond and gem stones into a beatiful piece of quality jewelry that will bring you years of wearing enjoyment.


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Jewelry Repair

Our owner, John Barnes, is a goldsmith and diamond setter. He is qualified to fix many items ranging from small chain repairs to complex multi-stone designs. We take pride in our work, and most of our repairs are done on-site, so we guarantee a quick turnaround as well as your complete satisfaction.

Standard repairs include:

Ring Remounting

Our customers sometimes elect to upgrade their current mountings for new designs. We take great care in protecting your gemstone(s) while strengthening your setting with a brand new mounting of your choice. Many engagement couples have family diamonds that they may wish to incorporate into their own wedding rings. We can create a stylish new setting to celebrate your journey together while adding to the cherished history of your heirloom gems. 

Re-tipping Prongs 

Over time, even the strongest and most carefully crafted prongs begin to weaken and become worn. In some cases they even break. Weak or broken prongs are serious concerns when it comes to protecting your cherished items. Have your prongs checked yearly, or sooner if you become concerned about their stability.

Ring Sizing / Shank Work

Whether it's a plain gold wedding band or an elaborate diamond or colored gemstone ring, we have the skill, equipment, and experience necessary to ensure a quality ring sizing, re-shanking, or soldering . The process for ring sizing requires cutting the ring shank and either removing or adding metal. As the ring is contracted or expanded, it is vital to protect the integrity of any gemstones within the mounting. Regardless of the difficulty, we guarantee your satisfaction.

Chain / Bracelet Repair

In most cases, when your gold chain or bracelet breaks or weakens, it can be repaired. We offer link repair, installation of new catches, and soldering.


Over time, the silk string used to create a pearl necklace will weaken or break. When this occurs, we offer restringing services guaranteed to restore your strand of pearls to like-new condition.

Barnes Jewelers is also proud to offer the following complimentary services to our customers:

  • gift wrapping
  • basic cleaning 
  • jewelry inspection (checking prongs)