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Custom Jewelry

The custom design process at Barnes Jewelers is all about you! We specialize in custom jewelry design and are really good at it because we do it every day...and we love it!

One of our favorite parts of being a jeweler is sitting down with our customers and going on an imaginative journey to create something beautiful, meaningful and highly functional. Our years of experience enable us to bring a vast array of techniques and processes to the forefront, but it is our communication skills that are the most important. We listen, and we guide with sensitivity to each person’s style and aspirations.

The process is simple:

1. We'll begin the process with a meeting in which we will take notes, make hand-sketches and establish our goals and budget.

2. Depending on the design, we will create the model by either hand-carving it from a block of wax by our model maker or by creating a model using computerized methods of jewelry design, CAD. You are invited to the store to see and approve the wax and the stones chosen for the piece.

3. We then work our magic to cast the wax in gold or platinum, hand set any diamonds & gemstones and add the fine finishing touches to complete the crafting your perfect jewelry treasure.

Because we have three trained goldsmiths at Barnes Jewelers, we pride ourselves in delivering high quality custom made jewelry promptly and at affordable prices.

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